Suction excavator

excavating, see Dredging § Types of dredging vessels. A suction excavator or vacuum excavator is a construction vehicle that removes materials from a hole

global-excavator-market-by-type-mini-vs-heavy-and-crawler-vs-wheeled-by-region-asiapacific-north-america-south-america-europe-and-rest-of-world-competition-forecast-opportunities-2011-2021Global Excavator Market By Type (Mini vs. Heavy and Crawler vs. Wheeled), By Region (Asia-Pacific, North America…
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Excavators are widely used in commercial and residential construction, mining sector, sewage disposal, etc., across the globe. Global sales of excavators witnessed a decline during 2011-2015 due to slump in crude oil prices post 2013, which significantly impacted the economies of oil dependent countries, and thereby, restricted growth of construction sector in these countries. Moreover, several major developing countries such as Russia and China have been facing unfavourable geopolitical and economic conditions over the last few years, which has also been negatively impacting the global excavator market. However, anticipated recovery in the global construction sector and stabilization of crude oil prices is forecast to drive demand for excavators across the globe in the coming years.

Power Shovels : The World’s Mightiest Mining and Construction Excavators
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