Jenny Omnichord

Children, Their Parents and Other People Too (2008) All Our Little Bones (2010) Days of Hard Drives: Excavating Ten Years of Jenny Omnichord (2013) "Jenny

excavating-equipments-aceExcavating equipments (ACE)
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POWER SHOVEL Power Shovel are used primarily to excavate earth and load into tractor or truck DRAGLINE The dragline is operation of dragging the bucket against the material to be dug. BACK HOES Excavating machine of power shovel group CLAM SHELLS •The name of machine is derived from shape of its bucket that of shell fish with hinged double shell, which can be opened into two parts. TRENCHING MACHINES •Trenching machines can excavate in all type of soil except rocks

Excavating Q: The History and Setting of the Sayings Gospel
John S. Kloppenborg, published 2000, 546 pages