What you should know about safety when working on any construction project.

construction safetyConstruction safety can be hard sometimes because of the hazards or risk that may be very difficult to control or sometimes identify because of the ever changing work environment.

Safety is always very important, all employees, all self employed persons and do-it-yourselfers should have training or knowledge when working around any project with power tools or where machinery is involved.

Construction Safety:

*Know when to wear safety vests or jackets—-wear the color.

*Know when to wear hard hats—-who should use them?

*Know when to wear safety gloves—-safety shoes or boots—-safety glasses.

*Know when to use as electrical lock out—-know about electrical safety.

*Know how to use an air compressor—-use safety skills when using a air hammer or breaker.

*Know proper safety use of an extenuation cord—-know the danger of power tools if not used incorrectly.

*Know the safety rules when working in trenches—-remember safety and use shoring when needed.

*Know the safety rules when working with and around scissor lifts.

*Know the dangers of a forklift when working with and around them.

*Know crane hand signals when around cranes or lifting equipment.

*Know what your tools can do—-always use the correct tool for the correct job.

*Know what a ladder can allow you to do—-if you do not have the correct skills a ladder can be come very unsafe on any job.construction safety gear

*Know what a scaffold can do or not do—-if you do not have the training or skills maybe this work should be left to the experts to complete.

***Remember most all serious injuries are caused from a fall—-from a ladder—-from scaffolding—-from roofs—-from trees—-most at risk workers or self employed persons falling from any heights, falling in holes—-tripping over on ground objects—-most accidents could be avoided if safety knowledge was used and if this safety knowledge was applied at work site projects.

There is much more that could be said about safety—safety is every ones job—-there are training courses available for all construction workers, ask your local dealer or look on the internet for other safety information.