What is a Trench

What is a trench?

A trench is generally a ditch or a narrow gully or depression in the ground with vertical sides.

A trench is normally defined as being a narrow long generally deeper than wide gully or ditch.

A natural trench, ditch can be found along rivers, streams where water has caused the erosion of the soils as the water flowed over and often out of the banks, than rescinded forming a trench.

Farm fields and backyards often have trenches formed during hard rains and caused by erosion of the land as the water drains off the fields and yards.

Trenches are used for underground utilities such as gas mains—sewer mains—water mains—phone and other buried utilities.

Trench irrigation has been used for many years to allow water to flow to fields for irrigation of watering crops—cattle—orchards and other crops that need watering.

Trench shoring is a practice of holding the trench walls up using a trench box type shoring, this allows workers to install piping or other in ground utilities without the walls collapsing on the workers inside the trench.

Trench equipment could be excavators or trackhoes, trenchers and other equipment and tools used to prepare trenches for many uses.

Trench work started many years ago when man would dig a trench for water to flow to irrigate his crops.

Trenches dug in the beginning was generally backbreaking and very difficult digging because everything was dug with a hand shovel or shovel like tool.

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