What is a hand tool catalog ?

A hand tool is any hand tool designed for manual operation by a technician or mechanic.

A hand tool catalog has many tools used by a factory technician or mechanic to repair any type if machine or vehicle when general and special repairs may be needed to keep these machines or vehicles in operation.

A hand tool catalog would generally list no power tools, only tools used for manual operations, these tools would be used to repair many machines or vehicles with a warranty, some could be special tools needed to make these repairs.

Many large companies have catalogs listing their manufactured hand tool products, some factory catalogs have special use hand tools used for—plumbing—carpentry—mechanical and other types hand tools.

The Sears Company has a large tool catalog with hand tools listed, generally known as a ” Craftsman Tool “, they generally come with a lifetime warranty, the tools are used for almost anything a person can do with a manual operation or by hand.

Hand tool boxes come in many sizes, starting with a small handy man tool box to a large tool storage unit with rollers allowing the unit to be moved anywhere around the shop.

Many hand tools can be found on line today, if you need a warranty you must buy only hand tools that have a factory or life time warranty, one example is ” Snap-On ” tools, they generally have a warranty when bought from a factory dealer.