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To create a dug-and-dammed pond, like the one in the illustration, first remove
the topsoil covering the foundation area, and dig a core trench (shown as a dark


after which he plans to dig a pond where the kovilalkam stands today. For Kochuvava drinking a handful of water from that pond will mark his completion

tips-for-creating-a-backyard-pondTips for Creating a Backyard Pond
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Ronald J. Pawley is a retired fire chief with the Kodak Park Fire Department. His commitment to hard work carried over from his career into his personal life, as he thrives on setting personal goals and enjoys numerous hobbies. One of Ronald J. Pawley’s passions is garden landscaping, which includes designing waterscapes like waterfalls and ponds.

G33: Same Planet, Different Worlds
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Every individual in here has to dig a little deeper and make sure we're doing everything necessary to pull ourselves out of this." Meanwhile, about 100 feet … I've seen suburbanites skate harder on the Columbus Zoo's holiday pond. No surprise, then

Dig a Pond for Dragonflies
British Dragonfly Society, published 1996, 8 pages