Open Ditches for Drainage – US Department of Agriculture
5-5 Drainage runoff curves for sample drainage ditch design. Fig. 5-6 Procedure
… 4, The construction, operation, and maintenance of the ditch must be carried …

Foxholes, Hertford

were thee principal phases of Roman occupation in the area, from ditch construction in the 1st–2nd centuries, a farmstead from the 2nd–4th century with

ditch-constraints-and-finally-start-connecting-your-world-of-things-sascha-wolterDitch constraints and finally start (connecting YOUR world of things)! Sascha Wolter
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Ditch constraints and finally start (connecting YOUR world of things)! Sascha Wolter Senior Manager Connected Home Deutsche Telekom M2M, Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Smart City, Wearables, and Ambient Assisted Living: However you like to name it, the Internet of Things is everywhere! But it’s not just about generating business value, it’s not about the latest technology in the first place. It’s much more about creativity and finding or creating new needs. It’s about innovating with value. But how can one innovate with all these complexity, concerns, constraints, and regulations? How can one release the various fears of colleagues and customers? Sascha will inspire you with a bunch of odd and sometimes uncanny samples while introducing you to a playful way of hacking your very own connected (and hopefully smart) world that matters.

Urban jungle: wooden high-rises change city skylines as builders ditch concrete
The Guardian, on Sat, 12 Dec 2015 04:00:21 -0800
“The advantage of CLT over concrete is that it's lighter, so it goes up easier and faster than concrete does … it's also quieter in construction,” Judith Sheine, department head of the School of Architecture at the University of Oregon. “And if you

Jefferson River Levee, Ditch Construction, Three Forks: Environmental Impact …
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