Footing – Home Building Answers
The footing is the thing upon which the home rests. … and not deep enough, the
weight of the house bearing down on it could snap it in half like a saltine cracker.

Thomas W. Jones House

Thomas W. Jones House is a historic house at 34 Warren Street in Stoneham, Massachusetts. It is Stoneham’s best preserved Second Empire house, preserving

open-house-website-tour-43594288Lynn’s Holistic Coaching Open House Website Tour
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A virtual tour of the website for Lynn’s Holistic Coaching during the Virtual Open House being held January 26-30, 2015. Website URL:

Katy Burns: White House has an abundance of Christmas presence
Concord Monitor, on Sat, 19 Dec 2015 21:03:45 -0800
The official White House tree is an 18-footer that rises majestically in the Blue Room in what might be called the opening event of the season. Even before the tree, carried by a horse-drawn wagon, rolls up to the front door of the White House to be

How to Plan, Contract and Build Your Own Home
Richard Scutella, published 2005, 752 pages