Steps in Building a Pond – Washtenaw County Conservation District
If, after looking at the vegetation and checking the soil on your site, you are still
uncertain if the site is suitable for a pond, digging a test hole can help give you a

How to Make an American Quilt

her husband for digging a pond in the back garden. In an attempt to remind her of the girl he fell in love with, he tells her the pond is for her to wade

a-community-project-for-aquaculture-in-kenya-presentationA Community Project For Aquaculture in Kenya
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Habitat needs to be managed for future
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When landowners contacted us regarding doing something on their land for wildlife, they wanted to dig a pond and plant trees. They knew what they wanted to do and wanted us to validate their idea and give them the go-ahead. Most seemed to think that …

Pond Construction for Freshwater Fish Culture: Building Earthen Ponds
A. G. Coche, James F. Muir, Thomas L. Laughlin, published 1995, 355 pages