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Nova Scotia. Other threats include ecotourism and overcollection. Ditch construction on Brier Island has lowered the water table, making it easier for

ditch-constraints-and-finally-start-connecting-your-world-of-things-sascha-wolterDitch constraints and finally start (connecting YOUR world of things)! Sascha Wolter
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Ditch constraints and finally start (connecting YOUR world of things)! Sascha Wolter Senior Manager Connected Home Deutsche Telekom M2M, Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Smart City, Wearables, and Ambient Assisted Living: However you like to name it, the Internet of Things is everywhere! But it’s not just about generating business value, it’s not about the latest technology in the first place. It’s much more about creativity and finding or creating new needs. It’s about innovating with value. But how can one innovate with all these complexity, concerns, constraints, and regulations? How can one release the various fears of colleagues and customers? Sascha will inspire you with a bunch of odd and sometimes uncanny samples while introducing you to a playful way of hacking your very own connected (and hopefully smart) world that matters.

Highway workers recover family's stolen heirlooms from ditch
Equipment World Magazine, on Tue, 15 Mar 2016 08:44:33 -0700
road work cones construction Renee and Paul Bantista never thought they'd find the old jewelry box stolen from their home back in September. But the keen eye of an Illinois Department of Transportation worker reunited the couple with their lost treasures.

Construction in Cold Regions: A Guide for Planners, Engineers, Contractors …
Terry T. McFadden, F. Lawrence Bennett, published 1991, 615 pages