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To create a dug-and-dammed pond, like the one in the illustration, first remove
the topsoil covering the foundation area, and dig a core trench (shown as a dark


after which he plans to dig a pond where the kovilalkam stands today. For Kochuvava drinking a handful of water from that pond will mark his completion

6-simple-steps-to-create-a-backyard-pond6 Simple Steps To Create A Backyard Pond
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Looking to create a backyard pond? Check out this reference guide for six simple steps! All you need is a shovel, a hose, Tsurumi pond pumps and some fish!

Birder's Eye View: Meet the rough-wings
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They also find or dig holes in dirt banks in which to build a nest, preferring to nest in solitary pairs instead of noisy colonies like their smaller cousins the bank swallows. … The shopping center does have a retention pond in the back to collect

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