Seawall construction – YouTube
Sep 26, 2013 This video explains how to construct a seawall and repair a wooden sea wall.
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the wall may house various types of utilities such as electrical wiring or plumbing. Wall construction falls into two basic categories: framed walls or

s2s-driver-eye-level-below-sea-wallS2S driver eye level below Sea Wall
from naoiseomuiri, ago in
Sets out the stretch of the flood barrier where driver eye level will be BELOW barrier level

Malibu PCH traffic nightmare after emergency seawall construction, on Tue, 22 Mar 2016 16:25:51 -0700
Traffic was jammed between Malibu and Santa Monica Tuesday, as Caltrans contractors began emergency construction of a rock seawall to protect the highway from encroaching ocean waves. Crews will need about 30 days to extend a rock revetment further …

Estimates, Specifications and Explanations for the Construction of a Sea …
unknown, published 1868, 36 pages