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excavating and excavation machinery and equipmentWhat is excavating?

Excavating means:  dig—dig up—dig out—uncover something by digging—remove earth by digging—scoop out—hollow out a cavity or hole—process of excavating.

Excavating:  Removal of earth from its natural place by digging—forming a cavity, results from the digging up of the earth.

Excavating contractor is a contractor using heavy equipment to dig up and remove dirt from a work site or relocating dirt, digging for utilities or infrastructure, and construction of commercial and residential sites. They prepare streets, driveways; haul gravel, sand, and fill dirt, dig foundations and basements.

Excavating contractors:  Work on roadways—highways—expressways—highway overpasses—highway drainage.

Excavating can be digging up roots in your garden.

Excavating: Dig a trench for drainage—dig a trench or ditch in a backyard or garden.

Excavating: Dig up an existing home sewer line—dig up an existing drain or street culvert—uncover an existing water line or underground utilities.

Excavating: Where a person who digs up or excavates—a machine that digs.

Excavation: A term for activities that involve earth digging, mining, ditch digging, pit excavation and open pit coal mining.

Excavate:  Make a hole—unearth—dig up— expose—tunnel—quarry—digging in the ground.

Excavating:  Dig a pond—clear land of trees and dig out stumps—dig a septic tank hole—dig sewer beds—erosion control—digging up gravel—pits and quarry—landscaping in your home backyard —reshape the backyard—dig a swimming pool.

Excavation: The first thing done when a new construction site begins for a new construction project, a building, a new structure, sometimes the site must be cleared and leveled before the new excavation can begin.

Excavation: A construction excavation depth could vary depending on the engineer required foundation specs. and soil condtions when excavating for a building or structure.

Excavations for basements or building foundations that are deep and have poor soil conditions may require a steel sheet pile type shoring, this will allow stabalbization of the foundation walls and provide safety for workers, while preventing any dirt cave in because of the poor soil conditions.

Excavations of foundations are often done with a construction company that specialize only in foundation site excavation, such as foundations for large buildings, like the new building in New York City after 911, generally the deeper the dig in the ground, the greater the chance Excavation equipment & machineryyou will hit the ground water level. This type of excavation would require dewatering and pumping 24/7 to keep the water down while construction of the foundation and building footers are poured and completed.

Excavation technology, the development of specialized techniques, a way of solving problems that require a solution, an applied science or method of applying technical knowledge and technical science to the field of excavating.

Excavation technology was also developed and is used with computer software packages that are available to help with the techical part of managing many construction excavation projects with cost tracking and other cost tracking during any construction project.Generally you can find an excavating project in many towns or cities where new commercial building are being constructed such as food chain or fast food resaurants and gas stations just to name a few.

Early excavating was done by a man with a shovel like tool, hores or mules were used to move the earth, as cities and towns grew as the need for excavating grew, problems were many, things got invented and excavating technology was an applied science or methods of appling technical knowledge and technical science to solving these problems in the excavating field.

Computer software technical is used today with all new construction excavating equipment, they have improved fuel consumption and all new equipment meet all federal fuel emissions.

Modern technology has been used to improve our lubrications and engine oils used in all our new construction excavating equipment.

This technology is also important in all new trucks and used in all new construction excavating equipment, they have improved fuel consumpsion and meet all emission.

Modern excavating technology is used with the GPS systems, a computer software system used on a site work excavating project for grading—digging foundations—installing strom drainage—parking lots and roadways— utility service and other information needed on a construction site.

Modern excavation technology can be used with a modern computer software and with a 3D-site modeling package a computer generated  3D-model design can show a real life like look of a project before any ground is ever moved or any digging is done.

Today many tools are availble in the field of excavating because of the technology from the past and as we move into the future the excavating technology will continue to grow and improve the way we work in the field of excavating.

Many new construction sites will require an excavating crew to clear the site of trees and stumps before the survey crew can layout the project.

With improved technology our excavating equipment has become very effcient along with other construction eqipment and tools in the construction field, this will continue to improve the way we move the earth in many construction areas.

Commercial excavating is generally a contractor using heavy equipment to dig—strom drainage lines—sanitation lines—water lines—utility lines—construction of roadways and parking lots—expressways or other infrastructures.

In the early years excavating equipment was generally horse drawn or a horse was used to pull or operate excavating equipment.

The steam engine was used in steam rollers, they compacted roadways and were used for compaction on many conctruction jobs, other equipment used steam engines in many types of construction equipment.


What is Excavating Equipment?

Excavating Means: Dig—dig up—dig out—uncover something by digging—scoop out—hollow out a cavity or hole—process of excavating.

Excavating is: Removal of earth from its nature place by digging—forming a cavity, results from digging the earth.

Excavating Contractors: Are contractors using excavating equipment to dig up dirt at new building work sites—utilities sites—highway construction projects.

excavating machinery & equipmentExcavating Equipment: Is often called— heavy equipment —earth movers—heavy construction equipment—construction machinery—mining equipment.

Excavating Equipment or heavy equipment gets this nick name because generally the equipment is very heavy, very large and very big. The reason the equipment is heavy and large is because when digging, the soil is sometimes very hard, the machine needs to have the counter weight to balance the machine when digging.

In the Early Years: kerosene, gas and steam engines were the only power used when power was needed to operate drag lines, cable type steam shovels, the first bulldozers, such as Caterpillar had gas engines to power them.

After The Diesel Engine: was invented it was used to power early excavating equipment and construction machines, today almost all excavating equipment has a diesel engine to power the excavating machines.



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