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Modern, hydraulic excavators come in a wide variety of sizes. The smaller ones
are called mini or compact excavators. For example, Caterpillar’s smallest …

Long reach excavator

and innovative long reach hydraulic excavators. Richard Melhuish’s first long reach excavator was the Hymac 580 BT All Hydraulic 360 “Waterway” machine –

Cat 303E CR mini hydraulic excavator
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With a maximum operating weight of 3,530 kg, a width of only 1,550 mm across the blade, and a compact radius design that limits the tail swing to 127 mm, the Cat 303E CR mini hydraulic excavator is ideal for working effectively and safely on width

Sopuru: Enugu’s Diamond In The Rough | TechCabal
This was a fully functional, miniature hydraulic excavator, cobbled together with scrap parts. The boy built it himself. Henry was impressed and dropped some money in the boy’s bowl. Before he left, he took pictures and some …

Giant Earthmovers : An Illustrated History
Keith Haddock, published unknown, 0 pages