What is a Backhoe?

BackhoeWhat is a Backhoe? A machine that is a rubber tired and self-propelled with its own power unit and hydraulic system.

A backhoe is a machine with a hinged boom attached on the back of generally a tractor type machine. This tractor generally has a front bucket loader mounted on the front end of the tractor, making it a backhoe-loader unit called a backhoe.

The backhoe is an attachment that is mounted on the back or rear of a rubber tired tractor. The backhoe is derived from the cable operated track type steam shovel.

The first backhoe was made in the mid 1940’s. They made a hinged swing frame attachment with a two piece boom and bucket which was operated with a hydraulic system. The swing frame allowed the backhoe to swing from left to right generally to a 180* pivot.

In the 1950’s manufactures made many hydraulic type backhoes generally all were mounted on a rubber tired tractor, a front bucket loader was mounted on the front of the tractor, this allowed the machine to be a very versatile tool used in the construction field.

The backhoe has a two piece boom, this digging arm has a bucket, the bucket is filled using a pull motion, and the bucket is pulled toward the machine to fill it. The hydraulic system allows the operator to cast the material to a side spoil pile.

All Backhoes have some sort of out-rigger system also operated by the hydraulic system. The first machines had a one bar [stabilizer bar went across the bottom of the machine and pushed into the ground surface this kept the machine level as well as stable when digging to fill the bucket and designed to keep the backhoe stable and not tip over when dumping the bucket at the side of the machine] later design for out-riggers was a single leg or out-rigger for each side, this allowed the operator to level the machine when digging and they were much wider when lowered, making the backhoe much more stable and this new system had a foot on the bottom of the leg this helped hold the backhoe when digging in hard soil material.

The first backhoe loaders were used for utility work in many cities and villages, the backhoe could do the work of many men in a very short time, from loading spoils onto a dump truck to locating a utility service needing a repair, and the front bucket loader was used to move materials and supplies on construction sites.
Today most all backhoe loaders are made with cabs or roof protection and come in many sizes with many models to choose from, operate on the same principle as when invented.
The backhoe is widely used in the construction field—in farm and Ag—landscaping contractors and many utility districts.

Today there are many attachments made for the backhoe, this makes the machine very versatile with all the added tools.

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