What is a Bulldozer

What is the bulldozer?bulldozer

This tracked machine was invented using the wheeled [Holt] farm tractor, which was used mostly for plowing and fitting farm fields, also for harvesting the corps.

The first use of this new tracked machine was for plowing farm fields, tracks would allow better traction and this new machine could pull larger plows, go over soft and uneven ground.

With the new innovation of all steel tracks, a front blade was placed on the front of the machine, used for leveling and grading, also the first bulldozers were used in the logging industry; the steel tracks would allow the machine to work in muddy conditions.

The bulldozer is sometimes called other names—dozer—crawler dozer—track type tractor—caterpillar.

The innovation of the front blade allows the bulldozer many use’s—power angle tilt [pat] blades—they are found on most smaller bulldozers, angle blades and tilt, allow the machine and operator more versatility.

The bulldozer with a straight blade is used for grading and leveling. Most straight blades are designed with a flat vertical moldboard, as a full load of dirt is obtained, it pushes against the upper curve of the moldboard and floats the blade allowing the operator to place a level amount of dirt as the blade is unloaded, dirt falls out under the cutting edge, which is the lower part of the blade.

The bulldozer with a u-blade is used for pushing large amounts of material, the outside corners of the blade are curved as a u-shape, and this blade is designed to move as much material as possible with minimal spillage.  This blade is not easy to use for fine grading and leveling.

The bulldozers steel tracks allow the machines excellent ground traction and mobility on rough and muddy terrain.

A bulldozer with “wide tracks” very wide steel tracks, distribute the bulldozers weight over a larger area—decreasing the ground pressure on the surface. This helps prevent the bulldozer from sinking when working in soft muddy conditions.

A bulldozer with sweeps—-bars that go from the top of the cab roof to the front of the machine, this helps keep debris away from the machine.

Today a bulldozer has many uses and can be seen on many most construction sites.

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