What is a construction project survey ?

Contractors use an engineer project survey plan when working on a construction project. Projects nust have a layout by a surveyor to plot the project construction begins when space is limited and a property boundary needs to be located before the start of the boulding project at the proper location.

Project survey will locate existing underground utilities services—gas lines—electric lines—sewer lines—water lines—storm drainage lines—before construction begins.

A project survey will locate existing property lines and any property right of way, this is needed when the engineer and contractor plot the new project.

Project surveys are helpful when design of a new project is being engienered as road design—utility design—land development—mall layouts—boundary survey—topographic survey—lighting design—irrigation—wet land design—traffic design and design build survey.

Landscape contractor use a project survey to layout and install drainage lines—driveways—rock walls—sidewalks—backyard waterfalls—stone design—swimming pools and landscape projects.

Modern technology is often used when preparing a new excavating construction site plan with 3D- site modeling, a computer generated software package designed for the excavating and construction field, which is an over view of any construction project.

Do-it-yourselfers can use a project survey layout design for home projects and maintenance project. the tools you will need can generally be rented from a local rental company or purchase from a local dealer.