What is a Gravel Driveway ?

What is a gravel driveway ?

Gravel is a French word meaning coarse sand.

Gravel is a natural deposited Material native not to all areas of the U.S.

Gravel is not “ topsoil—fill dirt sub soil—washed stone—crushed stone or clay soil “.

Large gravel deposits where formed as a result of weathering and erosion and the great ice age glacier where natural deposits were formed.

These deposits are commonly known bank gravel, sometimes called, bank run gravel, is found with stones, clay, sand and silt that is what is dug up from the bank.

Driveway gravel is generally a gravel of a finer material, sized finer with a sand mixture or a silt gravel mixture found naturally as bank gravel.

Another good gravel for driveways is a processed or screened gravel, this gravel is screened and sized  removing all large oversize material, making a finer product, this product is often used for D.O.T. projects and other construction projects.

If properly constructed and maintained a gravel driveway is an all weather driveway.

Gravel driveways generally are quite inexpensive to build compared to an asphalt driveway.

Gravel driveways are constructed by removing the topsoil and subsoil down to the firm layer of ground, then gravel is placed in layers and compacted to proper thickness generally 12”, this is a good driveway gravel base, generally this base can handle heavy traffic even during construction times if properly installed.

Proper grading and drainage are important for the long life of a gravel driveway.

A gravel driveway is also a very eco and green environmental friendly way to place a drive in a wooded area or other county settings.

Gravel driveways are great for the average home, gravel driveways can also be used as a heavy commercial traffic drive and have a long life with proper maintenance.


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