What is Blacktop ?

What is blacktop ?

Generally today blacktop is used for all types of road construction and surfacing or resurfacing highways and streets.

Blacktop is a black bituminous material used for paving roadways—streets—parking lots and other surfaces that require a hard permanent surface.

The first blacktop was used for paving streets was about 1875, this street was paved with blacktop placed on the street in front of the court house in Newark, New Jersey, this was the first blacktop used in the United States, blacktop was used overseas long before it was used in the U.S.

There were many patents filed for the process of making blacktop from refining crude oil petroleum into an blacktop base oil, then mixing the oil with sized aggregate material.

Blacktop plants were invented around 1899, they were first installed in cities, it was believed the first was in Cambridge, Mass.

Blacktop has been known by many names—-asphalt—tarmac—asphalt concrete— bituminous concrete.

Blacktop today is generally made in a drum plant, the aggregate materials and petroleum based oil are heated to a high temperature generally above 250 degrees F. this method is known as a in place type plant, where the blacktop after mixing is generally a hot-laid type blacktop used for road surfaces.

The advantage to a hot-laid type blacktop, it is easy to work or lay down, installs as a smooth road surface. Also the blacktop mixture can be transported in dump trucks many miles from the plant to the work site.

The hot-laid blacktop is made of different sizes of aggregate for different types of uses in the building of a roadway, the base type blacktop has larger aggregate and the top type blacktop uses a smaller type aggregate for a smooth blacktop surface when completed.

Today paving is generally all hot mix blacktop, this material is easy to lay down using a modern blacktop paver, the blacktop is rolled in place and as the blacktop cools it becomes hard like concrete.

There are many types of blacktop today and there are many different uses for the blacktop produced.


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