What is modern trench Excavation Technology ?

Generally trench excavation work is done on every construction building project, trenches are used for underground utilities—gas lines—sewer lines—water lines—telephone—storm drainage and other buried utilities.

A trench is normally defined as a long and narrow ditch, generally a deeper than wide gully.

Modern trench technology is the development of specialized techniques,a way of solving problems that require a solution, a applied science or method of applying technical knowledge and science to the field of trench excavation.

With modern trench excavation technology and the development of computer software packages, trench excavation cost can be managed and tracked, it is also important that the technical part of a project be constructed as designed and engineered.

Modern trench technology uses pipe lasers, they are used to install pipe with the use of a laser beam and target, with the unit setup in the pipe and programed to the proper pipe grade, this increases the profitable or the amount of pipe installed per day, thus increases the profit for the construction company working at the trenching project.

Modern technology is used with GPS systems and computer software systems, these systems are used on many site excavation trenching projects, some of these GPS systems can be installed on excavating equipment used to dig and install underground utilities.

Technology has improved the trench shoring systems and practice of holding the trench walls trench safety and shoringup using a trench box type shoring, this allows workers safety to install any utilities without the danger of the trench walls collapsing on the workers.

Modern trench excavation safety along with technology is an important part of any site excavation.

Modern technology has improved the tools and equipment we use in trench excavation and improve the way we move the earth on excavation construction projects, this has increased the profit and help control the cost during construction.

For other information or trench safety tips go to OSHA’S web or talk with your supplier or dealer when renting or buying trench tools and equipment about the proper use and safety.